Community: Body Switching and History Banners in “Basic Human Anatomy”

Better late than never, I say!

In this week’s Community, Troy and abed think they switch bodies through a Freaky Friday DVD Troy gives Abed for their five year anniversary. Meanwhile, Britta and Troy are REMINDED of their one year anniversary of their first date by Shirley and Annie while planning their history project that Jeff iterates needs to be only “passable and doable.”

The “body switching” bit leads to Troy and Britta actually talking about the things he tells Abed regarding their relationship and the fact that he just wasn’t ready for their relationship. About how he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship and we get to see it from both sides as we see the anniversary date go down at Senor Kevin’s while “Abed” and Jeff start looking through the lost and Found for the Freaky Friday DVD that started it all. It was great being able to see it from both points of view.

While Troy and Abed are seriously committing to the Freaky Friday bit, the Dean joins in as he thinks he switched bodies with Jeff exhibiting some very “Jeff” like behavior, which makes him more willing to help Shirley and Annie find out how Leonard became number one in the class. There were some moments between Annie and the Dean that made me laugh and cringe at the same time, like when the Dean rips his shirt off and Annie instantly reacts.

As this is all happening, we see at the end of the episode Pierce, who was in maybe two minutes of the episode (which I’m totally okay with) ends up finishing the project making it much more than “passable and doable”, which surprises the entire study group and the audience.

NBC Cancels ‘Ready For Love’ | THR

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has cancelled Ready For Love. Friday night drama, Grimm will be taking its Tuesday night 10 p.m. slot starting April 30.

According to the article,

Despite having one of the strongest lead-ins on TV with The Voice, Ready for Love dropped significantly in its second airing. The follow-up episode averaged just a 1.2 rating in the key demo and 3.2 million viewers.

With the show’s similarity to ABC’s The Bachelor, I found it unlikely it would work well for the network. It should be interesting to see how Grimm will do in that slot.

Orphan Black: Clones, Corpses and Choices In “Variation Under Nature”

We got to learn more about two of apparently many clones, Alison and Kasima, a glimpse as to who might be after them and Sarah makes a choice in this week’s episode of Orphan Black.

The formal introduction of Alison and Kasima did not come without its problems for Sarah. With Allison taking the snarky approach, talking about how they’re being hunted, Kasima taking the soft spoken, scientific route, explaining they were “related by nature”, and Felix creepily watching from outside, Sarah was told she “broke the first rule of clone club” by bringing him into it.

Meanwhile, as Sarah continues to impersonate Beth, she gets reinstated and is called out to a crime scene, which we find out is the place where Sarah actually buried the German clone, Katja. Sarah gets benched after Art sees her gun wasn’t loaded and insists that he meet her at the range. While she tries to keep her partner Art from getting the prints to identify the body at the scene, he receives a cryptic call about the “quarry body” that sets Sarah more on edge. Alison eventually helps her while also giving us more insight into Beth’s relationship with the clones and the roles each one played in ensuring their survival. It also gave us the opportunity to see the desparation and human side to Alison which balanced out her what Felix called “soccer bitch” side.

And in perhaps one of the funniest scenes of the episode, Felix was left to take care of Alison’s children while she helped Sarah. Felix is at a loss as to what to do, asking Alison’s son if he likes to dress up like a girl, but her daughter, Gemma, exclaiming “I could dress up like a boy.” What Alison sees when she comes back leaves her sighing, her children having played dress up. Gemma tells her mom excitedly and hilariously “look mom! We’re cross dressers!”

Sarah eventually comes face to face with yet another clone, as her and Art catch a lead on the motorcycle spotted at the crime scene. The clone attacks them and Sarah chases after her, when she sees her and has her on the ground so close to getting stabbed, she confesses that she isn’t Beth. By the end of the episode, we see that there is more to this clone business, genetically speaking than they thought or are giving away.

The exchange between the clones was entertaining and helped move along the story, which I was hoping would happen and the scene towards the end of the episode where we see Sarah make the choice to stick with her Beth disguise and helping her clones out, trying to stop whoever is after them. Felix was hilarious with the children and seems like the voice of reason when it comes Sarah and her daughter.

The intensity is sure to ramp up next week, when according to the preview, we will be learning more about the fifth clone who seems to be after them.

Orphan Black airs as part of Supernatural Saturday on BBC America at 9 pm.

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Community: Puppets, Singing and Sara Bareilles in “Intro to Felt Surrogacy”

This week’s episode opened on an awkwardly silent study group, with the Dean trying to figure out what happened and where Pierce was.

The Dean asks the group as he sees the empty chair, “He’s not with us. But is he WITH us?” hilarious and I couldn’t help but be reminded, as I said in last week’s review, that this character’s episodes are numbered. But, then Dean Pelton pulls out his customary costume of the week and transforms himself into “Deanocchio” and hands the group puppets to talk it out which leads the viewers on an entertaining felt filled tale, with Abed retelling the story.

And, of course there were puppets and singing an admittedly catchy song featuring hot air balloon guide Sara Bareilles, which I enjoyed and was kind of random. It’s all going well for them until Pierce touches something and makes the balloon rise even further eventually leaving them stranded in the middle of the woods. The guest spots keep coming as a strange “transient woodsman” played by Jason Alexander offers them berries and leads them to sit around a fire offering up their secrets. This part of the retelling led to some heartfelt, warm and fuzzy moments between the group and Shirley who, thanks to the berries they all ate, was the only one whose secret was actually told, which was just so sad to watch.

The rest of the group starts to reveal their secrets, in song of course. With secrets ranging from sad, with Jeff’s secret about leaving a woman and her son and his fear of becoming his father, to kind of funny with Britta only ever voting for The Voice.

There were some great lines from Troy in last night’s episode. One of my favorites had to be “If we fly to heaven, please don’t tell my grandpa about me and Britta!” as the study group puppets found themselves being blown away somewhere thanks to Pierce. I really liked the study group bingo Troy and Abed had going throughout beginning of the episode in the flashback as they realized the group was stuck in rut, which put them in the position they ended up in.

I couldn’t help but be funnily creeped out with the Jeff puppet talking back to the Dean, saying he could take him home which obviously served its purpose. And, while I enjoyed the end tag with some behind the scenes footage of the cast during the episode, I feel it could have ended with this Dean/ puppet Jeff scene.

With the same kind of feel from earlier seasons, I’ve really enjoyed the last two episodes.

Exclusive Bones Video: Booth Comes Face-to-Face With His Mom — Is It a Happy Reunion?


bones booths mother blogNext Monday on Bones, Booth (David Boreanaz) gets the mother of all surprises when he finds an unexpected guest waiting for him in his office: His estranged mom, Marianne (played by Joanna Cassidy)!

As you can see in this exclusive video sneak peek, the initial reunion starts off awkwardly — um, they haven’t seen each other in a quarter of a century! — but ends in a mostly feel-good place.

VIDEO | Exclusive: David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel Sound Off on Weddings, Finales and Their Evolving Relationship

Make no mistake though — unresolved issues remain.

“There’s a lot of history there and a lot of things unspoken,” previews executive producer Stephen Nathan. “And a lot of things [they] are going to try to repress and sweep under the carpet, but they won’t be able to.”

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News Corp. President Threatens to Pull FOX from Broadcast TV | Variety

According to a Variety article posted earlier today, Chase Carey recently said that if their lawsuit against Internet TV company, Aereo, doesn’t help the networks shut down the company, they will pull Fox from broadcast TV. According to the article, Carey says that “One such business solution would be to take the network and turn it into a subscription service.”

He goes on to say that this conversion to a pay channel would be “in collaboration with both our content partners and affiliates”. I’m sure from a business point of view, this could make sense but, from the content point of view this could be a really bad idea.

I mean, if given the choice would people really choose to add Fox to their cable bundles with the programming available on the network now when they already have Fox’s sister networks FX and the future comedy counterpart FXX offering similar quality content meant for pay cable.

I understand that the cost of broadcast television (television in general) is high and having an internet company streaming TV live would hurt the bottom line, but there must be some way to find some sort of compromise and maybe a willingness to create an additional revenue stream that way.

But, that’s just me. Just looking from a content producing point of view.