Community: Britta Tries not to ‘Britta’ It and Abed Meets His Match in “Herstory of Dance”

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After a kind of rocky start to the season, I feel that this week’s episode of Community had a dynamic that was reminiscent of earlier episodes.

Britta decides to protest the Sadie Hawkins dance by planning a Sophie B. Hawkins dance instead, with the study group pointing out she means Susan B. Anthony, and Jeff asking how she could “Britta” it if she even has a cat named after her. While Shirley and Annie try to get Abed to go to the Sophie B. Hawkins dance with the girl they each chose for him, competing against each other. Annie’s choice, she’s convinced is perfect for him because she met her in the cafeteria after trying to pay for lunch with a song while Shirley’s choice is a nice girl from her church.

He agrees to both, giving Abed what he considered a “once in a lifetime opportunity for sitcom hijinks.” Of course, in his mission to have some “two dates in one location trope” hijinks ensue, he ended up with another trope as he meets Rachel, the coat check girl that kind of helps him throughout the dance and finds he had the “right girl right under his nose” trope.

Meanwhile, Britta is on her own mission to not “Britta” the dance to prove Jeff wrong. She tries to find Sophie B. Hawkins and it’s Pierce that ends up helping her, with Sophie B. Hawkins actually showing up at the end to perform. Pierce also provides some actual sincere advice to Jeff about the way he treats Britta and telling him to give her a break, which was kind of surprising.

The end tag was a glimpse at next week’s puppet episode, with the study group humming a song and Jeff just texting.

I was surprised to find that Pierce seemed to have redeemed himself with helping Britta in her time of need. I think this surprise may have a lot to do with the fact that we know his episodes are numbered and Pierce has never been really a sympathetic character. Jeff’s apology to Britta at the end through text message was perfect. And, I loved the Awake reference. Abed and Rachel was absolutely adorable.


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