Orphan Black: And, So the Plot Thickens in “Instinct”

(image source: http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/01/orphan-black-stepping-into-the-life-or-lives-of-clones.html)

It’s a continuation of setting the story on this week’s episode of Orphan Black.

So, when we last left Sarah/Beth,  fresh from watching her own funeral and finding Kira, her daughter had shown up, she met the mysterious German woman Katja. And, proceeded to see her get shot in the back of her car. When the episode opens, we start right where we left off and find that Sarah gets a call from a person asking about “the German’s briefcase.”

Sarah tells this disembodied voice, where “the German” is, she tells her to buy a shovel and bury the body. Meanwhile, at the wake, Vic and Felix have a tense moment when Felix tells Vic boldly to his face that it was his fault that “she was dead” and that he needs to man up. Sarah cleans the car of all evidence. Now, I just have to say that after years of watching procedurals and seeing how many of these people get caught because there’s always that one spot and I was expecting something along those lines to happen. But, I’m glad it didn’t. There was a moment where Sarah almost came face to face with him. Unfortunately, just as she thinks she’s done with the whole Beth mess, she finds Art, Beth’s partner has her money and is holding it hostage until she goes and testifies at the hearing down at the precinct. We later find out that even after testifying that he’s holding it until after she’s cleared, a somewhat flimsy way to keep Sarah attached to the Beth aspect of her world.

Meanwhile, Sarah finds Katja’s briefcase and finds it full of information about Katja and Alison, the name she connects to this disembodied voice that’s been giving her instructions throughout the episode. About halfway through the conversation, she drops the Beth facade and demands answers. Obviously she doesn’t get answers until she confronts Alison who is the soccer mom doppleganger. After a close encounter with a knife while Sarah is trying to explain the circumstances of Beth’s death, Alison tells her to wait for a phone call. It is only at the end of the episode that we find out that there are more versions 0f her, introducing one more version in the very last scene.

While this week’s episode helped answer a few questions I had while watching the premiere, it left me with more questions that were only answered through the sneak peeks, which actually made me excited for next week’s episode. I must say though, that Orphan Black does a really good job with the suspenseful scenes, close calls at Felix’s loft, the close call as Katja and when she meets Allison. And, while I like Felix and how he provides the tie to her old life and her daughter, I’m not sure if it’s a storyline I’m actually invested in. I find myself wanting to know more about Beth, especially with those glimpses we’ve gotten from Sarah’s scenes with the shrink and Beth’s boyfriend, Paul.


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