A Murderer with a Point to Prove in ‘The Bridge’

From the minute the show opens, my interest is piqued. With a series of strange occurrences at the US/Mexico border, including a power outage and cameras being cut, which we attribute to the man in the car, he drops a body and then drives off. And, then the story takes off running.

That’s where we meet two very different detectives from different sides, literally. Sonia Cross, a tightly wound and socially inept El Paso detective comes to the scene where she meets Chihuahua state police Marco Ruiz and instantly butts heads over who the body belongs to. We later find out that the body, for the most part, belongs to a Texan judge.  We get to see how Cross is at crime scenes, rigid and somewhat tactless not even letting a woman pass with her husband who is having a heart attack.

We then get a glimpse into what we can assume at this point is the killer and his very creepy way of waiting for women in dark alleys, pushing them into his trunk, passing through the border without a problem frustratingly enough, and leaving them stranded in a padlocked trailer in the middle of nowhere.

We also see Ruiz on the other side of the border in Mexico with his family and dealing with the cartels and trying to keep his son away from it all. It’ll be interesting to see if we go any further into his side of the story and spend more time on that side of the bridge.

Sonia Cross instantly reminded me of a mix of the social ineptness of Brennan from Bones and the obsessive mind of Carrie from Homeland. And, for the most part I eventually came to like at least one of those characters so we’ll see how this goes, and if it’s attributed some way to her sister’s death or some other traumatic incident.

The stories are somewhat seamlessly intertwined because of the connection to the initial incident but, after Carl’s death, we kind of lose touch with where Charlotte’s story goes in connection with everyone else’s. Although, I really want to know what her husband was hiding in that basement and I assume that’s where I’ll get my answer because, there is no way anything good can be behind that really sinister door.

By the end of the 90 minute premiere, we meet one of the first suspects according to Cross and El Paso Police, a jerky reporter named Daniel Frye, who finds himself trapped in his car with a bomb and a countdown timer. And in a heart stopping moment, the timer stops at 00:00 and the car unlocks. A phone is found attached and in that message, you learn the murderer is after more than just killing random people. This guy’s motive is some sort of social justice, which is interesting and different from my usual crime drama fare.

I really liked how it was shot and perfectly mirrored the dark and gritty tone of the pilot and I assume the rest of the series. While it set a lot of the story for the series, I still had a few questions and made me look forward to next week.


One thought on “A Murderer with a Point to Prove in ‘The Bridge’

  1. The Charlotte aspect of this show is actually the one that really brings it down from a high B to a low one for me. If it doesn’t link back to the main plot in some way, it’s just going to feel like an unbelievable drag on the show. Not that it’s not interesting in its own way, but you can’t have something totally unrelated to the main action happen and expect us to care about it. They also ended on a really cheap door opening and cut away before we can see what is behind it, and I just think that’s a weak way to do a twist. It’s way more suspenseful for us to see what’s behind the door and let our minds wander as to what might happen next.

    I don’t know, what do you think? Feel free to read my review of the pilot over at Chekhov’s Gunman to get a better grasp on my thoughts.

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