The Bridge: It Gets Dark and Twisty in “Rio”

With no sense of enlightenment in sight, things get twisty, and chock full of dark and creepy, in this week’s episode of The Bridge.

Karl’s funeral opens the episode which went along normally enough, until a mysterious woman who we later in the scene find out is the woman Charlotte spoke with during the pilot.  They go toe-to-toe and find that she is also the client the lawyer referred to in last week’s episode.

Steven, or the strange man that took that woman from the club, is at the trailer again. While the mysterious man, that picked up the woman that got away who we learn is named Maria, is driving off and we still have no shot of any discernible features to find out who he actually is.

Charlotte’s predictably rocky relationship with Karl’s daughter is showcased in part at the wake along with some strange interactions with some of the guests that were co-chairs for a charitable organization. The scene felt strange to watch and almost disconnected with everything else that happened in the episode, like it sort of came from a different kind of show. For most of this episode, I was still unsure of how she would fit into the broader narrative but, most definitely figured it out towards the end, not just tied by her husband’s name and fortune, but some other rather predictable late night events.

Marco and Sonya end up actually finding Steven’s trailer and the ominous trash can. But, they only seemed to have found women’s clothing. Which begs the question, does this mean he helps the killer with disposal or was he seriously only trying to help this woman out?

They bring him in for interrogation and possibly shed some light on what his character is actually up to, especially when he’s saying things like “I’m just a people person who helps people.”

Sonya doesn’t stop being annoyingly stringent with the rules and extremely lacking in compassion, which is why it is still difficult for me to completely like her. Then again, maybe that’s the point of her character, no matter that she’s the lead. Either way, at three episodes in, it’s hard to see where a character like that is going.

Daniel and Adriana venture to Juarez to try and get more information about Maria and who she was while he gets a phone call the killer asking for money, a million from four different wealthy Texans including the late Mr. Millwright. And, there’s our connection to Charlotte.

While there, Daniel gets a taste of the dark side of Juarez as he witnesses a man getting shot point blank in the head, which was shocking and done so matter-of-factly that it was more jarring than I thought.

Marco pays Charlotte a visit and in a predictable turn, the late night visit turns into a late night booty call. I wouldn’t have been so bothered by it if it didn’t feel so unexpected; no hint, nothing. Meanwhile, on the other side of the border, Daniel and Adriana have a late night heart to heart about what helped her get out of the place where she grew up.

Paul, Sonya’s awkward one night stand from last week, makes an appearance at the station in a hilarious and awkward moment in an attempt to get Sonya to go out to dinner with him, and gets rebuffed.

In between shots of light and somewhat humorous we definitely saw the darkness behind this strange murderer especially in the final scene where they find Maria, in a way as the killer streams from her location live from the middle of nowhere in the desert.

At the end of it all, I really want to know what’s up with Steven and if he is at all connected to this killer, what’s going on with that woman that Charlotte approached after the wake, and is she connected by any chance to the horrifying hanging horse she sees in the darkness of the barn?

Guesses, anyone?


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