The Awesomes Prove Their Worth in “Pilot, Part 2”

The Awesomes go up against their first villain…and, well they’re surprisingly kinda awesome in a unconventional kind of way.

Part two picks up where the first episode ends; the newly formed team goes up against Compost, their first villain together. And, they seem to be failing miserably. That is until Prock starts dictating what the other members of the team should do, leaving me wondering if besides stopping time he has any power that we’ll be able to see when they go up against other villains in future episodes. But, his directives don’t exactly end all that well when Perfect Man annoyingly swoops in and finishes it.

The Awesomes then get invited to do Superheroes Tonight when Prock gets embarrassingly shown up by the host. He’s in for a surprise when Dr. Malocchio stops in and proposes Operation Safe to rid the world of super powers.

They continue to be unable to catch a break as Joyce threatens Prock to hand over their funding to a more capable superhero, Perfect Man. She makes a point that the roster has to have seven people. And, so the auditions that were later deemed try-outs begin. There were some interesting heroes ranging from Crab man, who can sever a limb and make it re grow to a woman who can make anyone gay. That is, until Hotwire, voiced by Rashida Jones walks into the room, and Prock immediately becomes smitten.

She becomes the seventh member of the team as someone who can manipulate anything electrical.

Joyce Mandrake pops in to Awesomes Headquarters paying them a surprise visit  And, for the first time I laughed out loud when “The Animal Kingdom” attacked headquarters.  It caught me so absolutely off guard. In the process of going up against these adorable creatures, Prock proves that the Awesomes are indeed a competent team.

While they are all excited and celebrating their “awesome” success, Hotwire congratulates Prock. In the midst of their conversation, Hotwire’s boyfriend comes by to ask if she was okay. And, who should her boyfriend be other than…Perfect Man, of course.

I just have one question: So, we’re gonna be getting those tags throughout the entire run?


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