The Bridge: The Murderer Might Be Closer Than We Think in “ID”

Gina , the little girl, deals with the aftermath of seeing “the beast”, Marco handles the fallout of his personal life while trying to find connections between all of the victims, while Frye and Mendez head south of the border again to get their own answers.

The clock’s running out to figure out whom the murderer is and with every episode, it seems they’re getting closer…or the murderer is getting closer to them. The murderer now seems to be following them and one witness becomes his next target, setting the anxiety levels even higher.

Gina is taken to the station to try and ID the guy who killer her father but, can’t remember. Sonya believes she’s helping but, only comes up against a wall. Marco encourages her to try and connect with the girl to help get more information out of her. It’s only towards the end that Sonya and Gina find some sort of connection but, not in time to save her from “the Beast” attacking again.

Daniel becomes more conscientious as he starts to dive further into the case and gets Mendez’ help as they go south of the border to try and get answers. What they come up against is the remnants of fear that the people have garnered of Fausto and his reach. They find a man’s body knifed to an electrical pole and people just standing by and gawking at the body, which made for a disturbing scene.

They do find out that Marco is connected to the murder of Fausto’s brother and the death house, as he looked over the case and then made it disappear. Marco and Fausto’s history goes way back, as far back as their fathers apparently and Marco’s struggling to make his way out of it, saying that they’ve “taken different paths.”

We also got to see how far back Hank and Sonya go and it goes as far as her sister’s murder. Hank becomes wracked with guilt as he shoots the only lead in her case, which explains why he seems to be protective and tries to help her through things. Almost as if he is atoning for what he did in that case, without Sonya knowing that Hank was the one in charge of that case, which could possibly explain Marco’s visit to Fausto.

Sonya visits her sister’s killer in prison after the day she had, not being able to save Gina and not getting any closer to a positive ID. All that we find out is a pair of creepy eyes that Gina was able to distinguish, the proof of that on Sonya’s desk as she cleans off the rest of the blood off of her shirt. We find him coloring, showing signs of the after effects of a bullet to the head and surviving. Now knowing that she will never get answers, motive, reasoning, it’s a truly disheartening and hopeless scene just imagining being in that position and given that her sister was her last piece of family she had.


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