The Awesomes: “Baby Got Backstory” Recap

Dr. Malocchio gets The Awesomes (minus Gadget Gal) stuck inside the H.I.P.P.I.E.R. an acronym that I can’t quite frankly remember but, basically a holographic simulator. Meanwhile, Gadget Gal is facing her arch enemy, Tomboy, and calls in some oddly named back up.

Origin stories were the order of the day in the H.I.P.P.I.E.R, with the exception of Hotwire, whose story seemed to change up and a bit suspicious. Best telling of their origin story has to go to Concierge, though who was once a pageant participant when she was younger.

And, holy brand dropping, Batman! Concierge mentioned during her telling of her origin story, which was hilarious and all began with a day planner at a pageant, that she was a Maxxinista. I wasn’t sure if that was purposefully placed or if it just fit for the moment because of what Sumo had said.

Muscle Man’s backstory helped see more of Prock and Mr.Awesome’s relationship than anything I could remember of Muscle Man’s story.

As they are sitting around a campfire, Gadget Gal and Tomboy are going at it as Tomboy calls in “the bowling team” to back her up while GG has Impressario’s mom to help her realize what was behind the whole rivalry, Tomboy has had a crush on her the entirety of their 40 years sparring culminating in a very entertaining outcome.

The episode ends with the first sign of actual (can’t believe I said that) conflict when Sumo’s parents walk right up to Awesomes HQ and claims they’re taking him back home.

We’re getting closer to where it all began but, not quite sure if it’s the pacing or the story that is making it difficult to see in a linear kind of way. Some of the characters are likeable enough but, I find myself trying to want to see more of these characters. Then again, I could just be taking this cartoon too seriously.


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