Orange is the New Black: Piper Goes to Prison in “I Wasn’t Ready”

I’m late but I’m jumping on the Orange is the New Black recap bandwagon, one episode at a time. I’m starting with the pilot and I really forced myself not to just keep watching and writing after the fact. So, here it goes.

Piper is sentenced to a year in prison (not jail) for a year and has to leave her fiancé and life behind. What for, you may ask. Well, apparently for something she did once ten years ago.

The opening scene before the initial introduction of Piper shows her in the prison showers while being teased by one of her fellow inmates about her creatively made flip-flops. From that point on, we get thrown between some moments from her past and present day as she enters.

We get to see how she ended up getting sentenced to prison. It all started with a girlfriend she had when she got out of college who happened to be involved in a series of international drug deals, which was funnily described. We get more insight into their relationship as well as Piper’s other relationships with friends and family and Larry, the fiancée, through these flashbacks that, at first were somewhat disorienting but then start to seamlessly fit into the narrative of the episode.

Flash back to present day and we get to meet some of Piper’s fellow inmates and they are quite an interesting group of ladies. This group of women includes a yoga-loving inmate, an intimidating red-headed Russian cook and a protesting nun. And, while at first the people all seem really nice, save for the sleazy security guard, Piper puts her foot in her mouth when she  insults “Red” the Russian prison cook, who honestly looks a little imposing (and that is an understatement).

This offense results in a bloody tampon sandwich and a rude awakening for Piper. After being laughed out of the cafeteria Piper runs outside, which had me questioning if she was able to do that, as I am always bogged down by the minor details. But, that minor detail becomes forgotten because we come face to face with a woman we had only seen in flashbacks until this point, Piper’s ex-girlfriend that put her there in the first place.

It would be interesting to learn more about the inmates and see the dynamic between them all, especially the dynamic between Piper and Red. Jason Biggs who plays the adorable fiancé, Larry, who seems to be taking the whole prison thing in stride and I’m wondering in which direction will they be taking Larry in. I have my own predictions but, we’ll see.

There were many good lines but, one of my favorites had to be early on in the episode as Piper and Larry wait for her to self-surrender and she says “Oh my God. By the time I get out, there’ll be like 20 generations of iPhones.” I loved that was one of her thoughts as she was about to submit herself to a one year prison sentence.

One down, twelve more to go and I’m trying so hard to watch one episode at a time. But, when you have all these episodes in front of you, it’s so hard to stop especially with a show like this.